Do women like watching porn?

When it comes to watching pornography, men tend to get a bad rep. Truth is most people think that only males are the ones who view smut. While that may be true to some extent, it is not always the case. Fact is the past few years, more and more women have been watching pornography than ever before. Statistical data put together from several sources has shown this. In all, there are several elements which showcase how fast the number of females who view porn is growing.

Pornhub, which is regarded as one of the world’s top adult sites recently revealed some interesting data. The site receives more than 188 million visitors each month. Out of all of those visitors, it turns out many of them are females. In addition, Pornhub’s stats also revealed several other facts. For one, women watch porno that is a bit different than that which men view. Their keywords or searches also vary from the kind of pornography men look for. Case in point is that women tend to search for and view female friendly porn movies. They do not enjoy videos which show the girls being treated harshly or violently.

Because of this, many adult film companies have been changing the type of pornographic movies they create. Coincidentally, a great amount of the adult movies being produced are being written and directed by women themselves. Moreover, financially and popularity wise, the movies written and directed by females are doing much better. These types of female oriented porn movies generally focus more on relationships and intimacy. Male porn on the other hand, tends to be focused on female body parts and raunchy hardcore sex. Another interesting fact about women is the type of porn they watch. Most females spend time looking at girl-on-girl porn. In fact, the lesbian genre was the number one category viewed by women. Any porn video showing lesbian sex was among those which did well with female porn viewers.

Based on all of this information, one would think that only gay females are the ones looking at this type of pornography. On the contrary though, since more than 63% of females who watch lesbian porn videos are heterosexual or straight. Another stat which raised some eyebrows is the amount of time women spent looking at porn. According to some research, an astounding 31% of females said they watch porn on a weekly basis. About ten percent of them admitted to viewing smut every day. Rounding out some of the top viewed categories by women were threesome, bid dick, popular with women and ebony. This all proves that women are beginning to enjoy porn as much as men.