Why Women Like The Novel Fifty Shades of Grey?

The vast majority of literary critics unanimously agree that the novel possesses few of the qualities that make a literary work a masterpiece. Yet, the popularity of E. L. James’ book among the fair sex is undisputed. Women Fall for Unlikely Combinations One thing that irresistibly attracts female readers to the novel is the unlikely […]

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Can you Enjoy Submissive Sex as a Feminist?

Feminism has been present throughout history, arguably from the earliest of days. 90s girls will remember Lilith Fair, the female rock, alt and pop fest Sarah McLachlan organized. Yes, some of you reading this miss the 90s. They are to be missed. My point was the name. Lilith was Adam’s wife before Eve, who didn’t […]

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The One Way You Know You’re Having Feminist Sex

The one and only clearly obvious way to know you’re having feminist sex is if you are coming. The reason it may not be as clear as I imagine is because feminism means different things to different people. So maybe it would be best to start with a definition of feminism. What IS AND ISN’T […]

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