Can you Enjoy Submissive Sex as a Feminist? -

Can you Enjoy Submissive Sex as a Feminist?

Feminism has been present throughout history, arguably from the earliest of days. 90s girls will remember Lilith Fair, the female rock, alt and pop fest Sarah McLachlan organized. Yes, some of you reading this miss the 90s. They are to be missed. My point was the name. Lilith was Adam’s wife before Eve, who didn’t like the whole sexist affair and left him. More recently, millennial and Z-generation women and girls became familiar with the word “feminism”, if not the actual movement, through mentions of it by pop stars like Beyonce and Ariana Grande.

This question begs two further ones – “what is a feminist” and “what is submissive sex”. A feminist is a woman who respects herself and will not hesitate to point it out. Like Lilith, she will refuse to be a situation that is degrading and demeaning to her as a human being. Submissive sex is where one partner is being demeaned and degraded, while the other rules. One is the master and one is the slave. Surely the two would be inconsistent. The main tenet of feminism involves respecting all human beings, men and women, to an equal extent, upholding their equality and rights, and being fair and just to everyone. The misconception that feminists think men are inferior to women needs to be thrown out the window NOW. It follows that a feminist would not enjoy submissive sex where the man plays the slave either.

If you think of yourself as a feminist – a normal person with normal human dignity – it would be odd to ask yourself this question at the very least. When I write about submissive sex, I don’t mean little things like pulling hair or tying wrists or slapping the girl’s butt when you’re doing it doggy style. This is normal stuff that can be fun for anyone. It spices things up in the bedroom and is not even remotely demeaning. It’s with rough, violent, submissive sex that people should have issues, if not in consideration of human dignity, then at least for the sake of safety.

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