The One Way You Know You're Having Feminist Sex -

The One Way You Know You’re Having Feminist Sex

The one and only clearly obvious way to know you’re having feminist sex is if you are coming. The reason it may not be as clear as I imagine is because feminism means different things to different people. So maybe it would be best to start with a definition of feminism.

What IS AND ISN’T Feminism?

One thing feminism is NOT: clear to millennials. It’s not all that clear even to the X-generation, as a matter of fact. As a movement in modern history, feminism started back in the 19th century. It was a driving force behind the women’s suffrage movement in the 1920s, playing a pivotal role in the right to vote that was eventually granted to us. It was a driving force behind the so-called Sexual Revolution in the 1970s. Around that time, the issue of “feminist sex” came into play. Now, it is 2019. And we’re still talking (and writing) about it. And we still don’t know if we’re having feminist sex or not.

We have come a long way.

To be fair though, it’s not an issue of generation. It’s an issue of being aware of your needs. A true feminist is a woman who recognizes that a good shagging, like the Brits say, is where both partners’ needs are met. Recognition of individual needs and rights was a key notion of feminism to begin with. It was about equal pay for equal work. It was about putting in an effort and being able to reap the benefit. Good sex happens when both sides make an equal effort. It’s about being satisfied so the woman doesn’t leave the encounter with a sense of distaste and disappointment, because we live in the days of social media and dating apps, and you WILL get some feedback. Because we’re not in the 70s anymore.

You’ll know you’re having feminist sex if the guy you’re with makes you come. The fastest way that will happen is if he rubs your clit. If he’s not willing to make the effort – you’re not having feminist sex with this guy. You’re not having good sex. You’re not even having the bare minimum.

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