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Why Women Like The Novel Fifty Shades of Grey?

The vast majority of literary critics unanimously agree that the novel possesses few of the qualities that make a literary work a masterpiece. Yet, the popularity of E. L. James’ book among the fair sex is undisputed.

Women Fall for Unlikely Combinations

One thing that irresistibly attracts female readers to the novel is the unlikely combination of thoughtfulness, sensitivity and machoism that they discover in Christian Grey. His character is so unrealistic that they subconsciously fall for him, however shocked they might feel by his almost schizophrenic personality.

The Book Recreates The Moments of First Love

  1. L. James may not be one of the greatest masters of the belles lettres, but she certainly knows how to grab the attention of her female readers and keep it until the very last page. From the onset, she makes it crystal clear that Christian Grey is Anastasia Steele’s first love.

 Then, she masterfully carries the reader through all the nuances and shades of her heroine’s powerful and conflicting emotions.

Women Love Reading About Sex

In the ages before the TV and internet, the novel was the only source of information about sex women could get their hands on. For a long time, all novels were written by men, to whom female sexuality was, to a greater or lesser extent, terra incognita.

Many authors have exploited the sexual theme before E. L. James, that’s for sure. Yet, few of them have paid such great attention to the dynamics of foreplay which, many psychologists agree, is the most exciting part of sex for women.

We’re All Dopamine Junkies

The book’s thorough exploration of the process of falling in love and the vivid descriptions of its different stages are two more reasons why E. L. James’ novel Fifty Shades of Grey is so appealing to the fair sex.

Whenever we fall in love, our brain produces copious amounts of dopamine, the magical substance that makes us energized. To put it more simply, we love to love. And even reading about falling in love has the same effect.

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